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The Magic Matrix program description

The Magic Matrix allows for the construction of magic squares of virtually any size of odd order. All magic squares have
a property such that the size, or order N, of a square has a corresponding constant referred to as the magic constant:

N(N^2 1) / 2

A well known consquence of this rule is that all rows, columns, and diagonals add up to the magic constant.
Whereas rows, columns and diagonals are simple patterns, the Magic Matrix allows for the construction of different patterns that traverse the square.

The Magic Matrix software comes with a custom Magic Square Library in which magic squares can be loaded from file. Once a magic square is displayed, whether loaded from file or newly created, patterns can be selected, moved, rotated, reflected, tiled and more.

Below is an example of the Crazy 8 magic square from the Magic Square Library.

Is it magical? Check and see!

Here's a magic pattern created with the Move function which moves an entire pattern with a
single click of the mouse.

Here's a magic pattern created with the Rotation function.

Every instance of the pattern that is magical is called a member of a ring, as are the 3 magic
patterns above. How many members does a ring have? Not all instances are magical, as
demonstrated below.